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i surrender final

I’ve had my Etsy shop + photography business going for just a tiny fraction of time and just like Bonnie over at going home to roost said, I want success and I want it yesterday. You know what I realize over and over again (because apparently I’m so thick-headed that I have to be reminded multiple times or it won’t stick) though? As I was getting out of the shower yesterday night, I was plagued by a feeling I get often, which is a string of thoughts through my head that go like this: hurry up, i just want to be done with this,

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  been a busy few weeks. these will go back to weekly installments after school lets out for the summer. this week you, went running with me. as you were talking to me about the “exercise” you kept calling it “extra sides.” sang me a “silly song” that went: “row, row, row your boat, gently down the……..GIANT MEATBALL!!” then you said, “row, row, row your boat, gently down the…..BOO YA!!!!!” had some friends over and told me that when those girls knocked your tent down that it was “espectable!” (you meant “despicable”) ate a “tuba” (tuna) sandwich. decided that the

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I am not finished yet, but I am about 80% there with my living room, so I figured I would go ahead and share! My “AMOUR” DIY marquee was the biggest pain in the rear project I’ve ever done. This isn’t its permanent spot. It’ll migrate to the bedroom before the end of the year (after I make another one for out here). I need to change the TV stand situation and paint the walls a more neutral color. I’m excited about it. \  


Something I’ve always dreamed about as a kid and more importantly as an adult is becoming “artistic.” I love browsing Etsy and finding those unique pieces that come from minds as bright as the sun on a glorious, cloud-free summer day and I would wish that I could draw or that I was talented as an illustrator using AI or as a painter, etc. Well, I found Kal Barteski on Instagram and that looked like something I could do (even though I don’t always love my handwriting, but the point is that it be imperfect, so I figured I’d give

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I so love Instagram. It’s gotten to the point where it’s become a place I spend a significant amount of time. I love being inspired by the people I follow there and it’s just…wonderful. It’s also the place where I host my 2014 365 photo series! Just finished up day 90 yesterday. I’ll do a recap every 100 days just to see where I’ve come from. That’s only 10 days away!!!!! Anyway, here’s this month in Instagram: There were unexpected family visits, trips to the zoo, crafting, and all sorts of good stuff Here are the March photos for my 365 project!

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  this week you watched Frozen a few times. you like it a lot! started talking in a British accent for some reason. it’s super hilarious. you don’t even understand that you’re talking funny, you just like doing it. had a good little cough for the majority of the week. got in biiiiiiiiigggg trouble when you yelled at papa! the next day papa came to see you (because you weren’t allowed to go over there) and bent over and whispered to you. i had just enough time to wonder what you guys were talking about when you exclaimed, “CANDY!!!!” we

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Hello, everyone! If you’ve stuck around for a while, then you’ll remember back when I wrote out my 101 goals in 1001 days that one of the items on that list was to investigate opening an Etsy shop. I’m happy to say that after going back and forth for a while–mainly about the fact that I’ve heard photography on Etsy doesn’t do all that well except in rare cases–I decided that the only way I’d feel happy about it was to try it. After all, Etsy makes it extremely easy to join and set up shop, so why not?! All

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I did it! I got over my fear and I started one. But that’s not a happy ending. I still have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve gotten as far becoming officially established as Celena Danielle Photography, LLC by the government and I registered for an EIN so that whenever I go to open up a business bank account with my business info, I have the ability to do so. Now, however, I’m lost. I know I’m supposed to register with the state of GA but when I started the application online, it was confusing to say the least. I know I want to

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sunshine and twirls

this week, we watched a few movies together! as usual made your dad and i laugh when he accidentally changed the channel from Madagascar 3 and you yelled, “NO! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!” we went out to lunch a few times. once, you asked if i was done. i said, “yes, i’m full!” you asked, “how do you know you’re full?” i laughed and said that my body tells me when i’m full. you responded incredulously: “your body doesn’t TALK!!” informed me that horses have “fur on their feet to protect them from the hot sun.” interesting concept. spent a lot

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I don’t think you’ll regret it, promise!